Park Rules


For Communities operated by Elgen Homes throughout NY State



These Rules and Regulations are in effect for communities operated by Elgen Homes throughout New York State.  They are designed to set a tone for mutual respect and understanding of others, in order to make our communities a pleasant and fulfilling place for our residents to live, as well as for the protection of the park and to promote compliance with law. At all times, the Rules and Regulations will be interpreted in a reasonable fashion consistent with the mobile home residency laws, and as such may change from time to time.  If any of these rules are unclear, contact the Park Manager for an explanation.  We hope that you will study these Rules and Regulations and comply with them enthusiastically and voluntarily.  Residency in the Community is based on your word that the Rules and Regulations will not be violated.  If you have a signed written lease covering your homesite, these Rules and Regulations are hereby incorporated in and made part of that lease.  If you are occupying your homesite without a lease and on a month to month basis, these Rules and Regulations shall be in effect independently and your month to month occupancy shall be subject to your ongoing and continued compliance with them. 

1. Basic Rule and Typical Residential Neighborhood Standard

As a general rule, our Communities are like other typical residential neighborhoods of similar quality and population makeup in our geographic area. Just like any other typical residential area, you and the other residents are expected to accept a reasonable amount of disturbances and other activity by your neighbors and others which won't be to your liking. For example, periodically your neighbors may give a party, run their lawn mowers or other noisy equipment earlier than you'd like, make too much noise when they start their car, or do other things which commonly occur in any other neighborhood which will disturb you.

1(a). If a park resident or his or her guest is unreasonably disturbing you or others, you agree to affirmatively contact the person and make reasonable efforts to resolve it. If the problem is one reasonably proper for seeking intervention of police or other public authorities, it is required that appropriate contact be initiated and a complaint filed. If you can't resolve a problem with a neighbor, and you are materially disturbed or annoyed, Management may attempt to take reasonable steps to try to resolve the problem. Because of these and other similar considerations, you are agreeing that by continuing to live in our Park, we will not be liable to you or others for normal, routine disturbances or other kinds of things which one should commonly expect, nor will we be liable to you for our inconsistent or lack of enforcement of these Rules and Regulations.

1(b). Compliance with Law and Lease or Rental Agreement. You and your guests may only be present in the common areas of the Park and use our facilities if you comply with these Rules and Regulations and our other conditions of tenancy. No violation of any federal, state, or local law or regulation or administrative, order by you or your guests is allowed. Also prohibited is any violation of any term, condition, or other provision of the lease or rental agreement applicable to anyone's tenancy or residency in the Park or these Rules and Regulations.

1(c). Enforcing Compliance. Although we will make a reasonable effort and try and have residents and guests comply with these Rules and Regulations, we may not always be successful. We are not committing to you that our Park will be any different than another typical single-family residential neighborhood of similar quality and population make-up.

2. Payments

Rental Payments and Late Charges:  The rent is due the 1st day of each month. If you choose to mail your rent, it must be in our office by 5:00 o’clock on the 10th of each month to avoid late charges. A five percent late fee will be applied and a 30-day notice for non-payment will be issued. 

2(a). Method of Rental Payments: Payments may be made by mail, in person, or via ACH.  The preferred method for payment is ACH, which stands for AUTOMATIC CLEARING HOUSE.  In this case the funds are electronically transferred from your bank account to ours on a date and an amount prescribed by you. Signing up for ACH can be done on our website (WWW.ELGENHOMES.COM).  Checks and money orders will need your name, address and lot number, as well as your community name.  Cash will not be accepted.  Partial payments will not be accepted.  Please click on your community page to see the appropriate mailing address for your park.  

2(b). Habitual Late Payment of Rent:  Habitual in this case means when paying your rent after the 10th of the month more than three times in a twelve-month period.  When this occurs, we may cancel your tenancy and you will have to remove your home from the park.  

2(c). Returned Checks: If a personal check you submitted to us in payment of the rent is returned by the bank unpaid, we may elect to electronically submit your check up to two additional times. You shall be responsible for an additional returned check fee of $20.00 for each time it is returned. If such checks are returned on two occasions, we shall no longer accept your personal checks and all subsequent rental payments by you shall be by cashier’s check or money order. 

2(d). Eviction for Non-Payment, Attorney's Fees and Added Rent: If you fail to pay the rent and/or added rent by the 10th day of any month, we may at any time thereafter sue you for the rent and institute proceedings to evict you and your home from the premises or use any other legal remedy available to us to collect the money or acquire possession of the property. If we proceed with an eviction action, we shall have the right to have rent and any other monies due as well as attorney’s fees, all of which are called “added rent” and must be paid by you. In addition, in the event we proceed with any formal action to collect any amount due and owing from you, you agree to pay attorney’s fees in connection with that action, plus all actual costs expended by us in connection with that collection action. The attorney’s fees and costs incurred in a collection action are also called “added rent”. Payments must be in form of a money order or certified check; no personal checks will be accepted.  If you want to have eviction action dismissed, you must pay in full all rent, “added rent” and attorney fees.

3. Landscaping and Drainage

3(a). Prior Approval: We have certain requirements and restrictions regarding landscaping and other related items. Prior to beginning any landscaping project, including changes to existing landscaping, you must discuss your landscaping plans with us and obtain our approval. Any landscaping installed without our approval shall be removed by you within fourteen (14) days of written notice. Because of the infinite variety of living and non-living objects which may be used in landscaping, it is impossible to describe all things we will or will not accept. Consequently, our Landscaping standards are listed only to assist you in preliminary planning. You are cautioned that there are spaces in the Park with landscaping which no longer conforms with our present standards; therefore, do not assume your plans will be approved because they conform to existing landscaping.

3(b). General Landscaping Standards: Our general standards are as follows. If landscaping in violation of the following now exists on your Space, then: (A) If it was in violation of our rules when it was originally installed, it must be promptly removed. (B) If it was not in violation of our rules when it was originally installed, it may remain until it dies or is otherwise removed when It may only be replaced with landscaping which does meet the following requirements:

            3(b) i: Landscaping must appear clean and attractive.

3(b) ii: Evergreen grasses, ground cover, flowers and shrubs are generally acceptable. In most cases, trees which when mature will not exceed ten feet will also be acceptable.

3(b) iii: Small stone generally makes a good ground cover; however, it may be no larger than 3/4" and the soil under the stone must be covered with heavy gauge fabric to prevent weed intrusion.

3(b) iv: You must check with us prior to digging or driving rods or stakes into the ground as they might damage underground utilities. You may not plant anything which has roots which will damage anyone's property. You shall bear the cost of repairs to any utilities damaged by you.

3(b) v: Trees and plant material must be trimmed to present a neat appearance and must not encroach on adjoining spaces, or obscure the street view of persons driving in the Park.

3(b) vi: Lawns must be mowed weekly.

3(b) vii: Landscaping must be kept trimmed, watered, fertilized and weeded.

3(b) viii: Landscaping may not be excessively high or rub against mobile homes, awnings, or other structures so as to cause damage or other problems. 

3(b) ix:   You are responsible for snow removal in the parking area in front of your home.   Shoveling snow from the driveways or parking areas back into the roadways is prohibited.

3(b) x: The maintenance, repair and replacement of driveways, landscaping, and all other improvements on your space is your responsibility as follows: Individual driveway care so as to avoid damage to the driveway shall be Resident's responsibility.  Resident shall be exclusively responsible for the maintenance, repair, replacement, paving, sealing, and all expenses related to the maintenance of a resident-installed driveway, including driveways installed by any previous residents or others on their behalf.

3(b) xi: You shall keep the street area in front of your Space free from debris from the homesite. 

4. Mobile Home Maintenance and Appearance

4(a). Home Site and Maintenance: You are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of your home and site. Your home, approved additions and porches, sheds, and steps must be properly maintained at all times. In the sole and subjective opinion of Community Management, your Homesite shall be maintained in a superior condition. Repeated failure to maintain your home and site will be cause for termination of your tenancy. Regardless of whether you are the original resident or simply an occupant of the mobile home, or purchased your mobile home form a former resident, this paragraph applies to you.

4(b). Responsibility: You are financially responsible to maintain your mobile home in a good and safe condition at repair in an aesthetically pleasing conditions as required the following: your mobile home, accessory equipment, structures, fences, driveways, walkways, tress, any banks or slopes, and all landscaping and other improvements

4(c). General Standards: You are required to maintain your mobile home, space, and improvements in a neat, clean, attractive, and well-kept condition and repair.

4(c) i: All mobile homes and improvements must be washed, cleaned, painted, and waxed as necessary to maintain an attractive appearance.

4(d) ii. All concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces all be kept clean and free of oil and all other sticky oil substances

4(d) iii. All damage must be repaired or replaced within 14 days.

4(d). Compliance with Applicable Regulations: You are also financially responsible for insuring at all times that your mobile home, space, and their improvements comply with these Rules and Regulations and all local, state and federal laws and regulations. (The only exception is any of the Park's utility systems on your space which are owned by us or a utility company. If any tree or other landscaping on your space, including that which was planted by a former resident or the Park, causes any damage whatsoever to the streets, curbs and gutters, driveways, utilities or any other property or improvements belonging to either the Park or any of its residents, you are financially responsible for immediately removing the tree, shrub or other landscaping and paying the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property or other improvement.

4(e). Outdoor Furnishings: No furniture may be used on the patio, porch, yard or other portions of the space unless it is outdoor patio furniture. Nothing may be placed, hung or stored outside of the mobile home or storage shed(s) unless specifically permitted by these Rules and Regulations or approved by us. This includes, but is not limited to, the hanging of clothes, overstuffed furniture, appliances, ironing boards, brooms, mops, tools, gardening equipment, debris, refuse, litter, or any item which is unsightly in appearance. All windows must have drapes, curtains, or other aesthetically pleasing window covering we have approved and they must be maintained in good repair at all times.

4(f). Garbage Cans: All garbage and refuse must be promptly deposited in your trash cans or any trash bins provided by us for resident’s use. Trash cans must be covered and stored so they are not visible (when adequate space is available) from the street or adjacent mobile homes. On trash pickup day, your trash container may not be placed out at the curb any earlier than the evening before and must be promptly removed from the curb and stored out of sight on your Space after being emptied by the trash company. If certain types of trash cans are required to be used, you will pay their cost and be responsible for them. Limitations on the number, size, quantity, and weight of trash cans and other containers, the types of materials which may be disposed of, and other requirements of the trash company or us are your responsibility to comply with. Cuttings and debris from major tree or other landscaping, trimming, or removal, must be removed from the Park by you and not deposited in our trash bins.

4(g). Failure to Comply: If you do not maintain your mobile home or space as required by these rules and regulations and the rental or lease agreement applicable to your tenancy, we may give you a notice requiring you to comply in 14 days. If you do not comply, you agree that we may charge you a reasonable fee for having this maintenance, repair or replacement work done. Such charges may be added to the monthly statement for the month following completion of the work, and billed as added rent.

5. Pets

Per New York State Law, every dog owned or harbored in New York State for longer than 30 Days must be licensed. All dog owners must produce a current dog license in a timely manner.  Failure to do so will be grounds for immediate eviction.  One small dog (less than 45 lbs.) or one cat may be permitted with the written approval of Management. The following breeds are prohibited without exception: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Wolf Hybrids or any mix of these breeds. Exotic animals of any kind are prohibited. Any animal previously known to bite or cause injury shall not be allowed on Community property, including indoors of tenant’s premises.  There will be a pet deposit of $250 per animal.  Such deposit is required at the time tenancy begins, or at such time you acquire a pet.  Pet deposit will be doubled if we discover you are harboring an unregistered pet.    Pets (dogs and cats) are not allowed to roam at large.  The owner will be asked to remove the pet from the Park if complaints are received.   Pets must be kept indoors except when being walked on a hand-held leash. Pets shall not be tied outside and left unattended, nor shall fences or pet houses be erected on the Homesite. Dogs must be walked on the resident's lot and the resident is responsible to clean up after their pet. Noisy and unruly pets will not be allowed to remain in the Community. The Community will determine whether a pet is a nuisance and our decision is final. Failure to comply with the rules concerning pets is a serious violation of park regulations and may result in termination of your tenancy. Pet sitting is prohibited as well as guests bringing pets into the community.

6. Architectural Specifications for The Mobile Home and Space, Accessory Equipment, Structures, and Appliances

6(a). Prior Approval: Prior to installing any mobile home or other improvement, you must submit for our approval a plan describing in detail what you propose to install. Any item installed without our approval must be removed by you within 10 days of written notice.

6(b). General Standards: Because of the wide variety of mobile homes and other improvements, it is impossible to describe all those which we will or will not accept. Therefore, our standards are listed only to assist you in preliminary planning. You are cautioned that there are spaces in the Park with items which no longer conform with our present standards; therefore, do not assume your plans will be approved because they conform with other spaces.

6(c) Compliance with Laws and Ordinances: Building permits are required before many improvements may be made.  It is your responsibility to determine when permits are required and obtain permit(s) from the appropriate governmental agency, and all necessary inspections and approvals thereof.

6(d). Sheds: All storage sheds must be of materials and colors to match the mobile home. A maximum of one 100-sq.ft. shed is permitted, provided there is room on the lot. Storage sheds must be either an approved manufactured type, of non-combustible material, and the roof and siding must match the exterior of the mobile home. We must approve the location of all storage sheds. No vinyl, metal or plastic sheds are allowed.

6(e). Sunshades and Privacy Screens: Shades and screens shall be constructed of wood, or aluminum painted to match the siding or trim of the mobile home. Plastic, canvas, cloth or bamboo screens and shades are not permitted. No aluminum foil, sheets, blankets, towels, clothing, plywood, paneling, newspaper, shopping bags, paper material, paint or any other material not designed as a window covering, shade or screen may be used as insulation on windows or as window coverings in any location in or on the mobile home.

6(f). Air Conditioners, Heating, and Electrical: Any air conditioner or heater must be in good operating condition and must not make excessive noise and we must approve its location. All air conditioners, heaters and other major electrical appliances must be compatible with the electrical output of the Park. Condensation accumulation from any air conditioner must be piped away from the mobile home and not allowed to fall onto the ground under the mobile home.

6(g). Porches, Decks and Stairs: Porches, decks and steps are required. Porches must be of an approved material matching the exterior material of the mobile home. All steps must be of a good manufactured quality. Steps must have approved handrail, as required by law. Deck surfaces must be covered with a material we approve such as indoor/outdoor carpeting. The temporary steps must be removed from the space no later than sixty days from the time the mobile home is moved into the Park.

6(h). Skirting: Skirting is required. Skirting may only be made of the same material as the mobile home.

6(i). Fencing:  Fencing in front of the mobile home is prohibited.

6(j): Antenna and Satellite Dishes: Only one exterior antenna or satellite dish may be installed on the top of the home and must be to the rear of the mobile home.

6(k). Colors: A color chart and other color requirements for exterior colors of the mobile home, accessory equipment, structures, and other improvements are available in the Park Office and you may only use these colors, including when you repaint.

6(l): Utility Connections: Utility connections to the utility pedestal are your responsibility, done in a State-approved method and approved by us. The utility pedestals (water, gas, sewer, and electric hookups) must be accessible at all times. If one of the Park's gas or water shut-off valves or electrical installations is located on your space, it must also be kept uncovered and accessible at all times. You may not connect, except through existing electrical or natural gas outlets or water or sewer pipes on the space, any apparatus or device for purposes of using electricity, natural gas, water, or sewer.ddddddd

7. Ownership and Occupancy of The Mobile Home

Any transfer of the title to your home or change of occupancy to any other party without our prior written consent is prohibited and shall terminate your tenancy. Your home shall be occupied only for residential purposes by you and the persons whose names are indicated in the application for tenancy as originally completed by you in addition to any children born to registered tenants during occupancy. Residents with visitors staying in the Community not less than 3 but not more than 14 days must provide Management with a letter identifying their visitors by name, relationship, and length of their stay. Visitors exceeding the 14 day period are no longer considered visitors and must submit an occupancy application to Management for review and approval. You may not operate any type of business or commercial establishment, wholesale, retail or professional out of your Home site, including the baby-sitting of children or pets. You may not use your Home site for any purpose that cause our insurance premiums to be increased or which cause our insurance to be cancelled. Sites are nontransferable and may not be rented or sublet

8. Sale of the Mobile Home

In the event you wish to sell your home, you must notify us in writing 30 days in advance. Signs or advertisements offering your home for sale may only be placed after prior written approval from Management. Residents are not permitted to sell their manufactured home with the promise of occupancy; you may not represent or imply the Home site or its use is included in or as part of any sale.  No home manufactured before 1976 will be permitted to remain in the Community after its sale without written permission of Management.  In addition, management may, at its discretion, require any home manufactured prior to 1985 to be removed from the community upon its sale.  Only homes that meet the physical and aesthetic standards of the Community will be permitted to remain on the Home site. If the home meets the requirements and the seller/buyer intends the home to remain on the Homesite after its sale, the home must be inspected by an accredited home inspector and a copy of his/her report must be furnished to the corporate office.  Any prospective new owner/tenant must complete, sign, and submit an application for residency to us so that we can exercise our right of approval of disapproval. We shall have the right to interview the prospective new owner/tenant. Our right of approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.  

9. Removal of the Mobile Home

9(a). Notification: Resident must notify management in writing at least 30 days in advance when planning to remove his home from the Community. Tenant will be responsible for damages caused by moving companies to Park roads, lawns, landscaping or property. Only a licensed transporter may be used. 

9(b). Abandonment of The Mobile Home: If you remove a substantial portion of your furniture and furnishings from the home at any time before the end of the term of this lease and do not first notify us in writing that by this removal you are not abandoning your home, we will have the right to consider your home and any items of personal property still remaining there as abandoned even if you have not returned the keys to the home to us.  In connection with this, we have the right to remove your property without liability to you for any loss or damages.

9(c). Move Out Charges: If the home is not left in good condition, the following charges will be made against your security deposit account when vacating the premises.  Dirty stove ($40.00), Dirty refrigerator ($40.00), Dirty dishwasher ($40.00), Dirty carpet (Cost of cleaning or replacement), Cleaning smoke damaged home ($500.00), Removal of furniture ($100.00 per piece), Clothing, bags of refuse, bottles and cans, etc. ($25.00 per trash bag), Bathroom fixture ($50.00 for each fixture left dirty), Broken or missing windows or screens (replacement cost), Damaged walls (repair cost based on labor fees and materials), wallpaper (removal and repair based on labor fees and materials), keys not returned ($250.00).

10. Conduct

10(a). Noise:  Actions by any person of any nature which may be dangerous of may create a health and safety problem or unreasonably disturb others are not permitted. Radios, television, record players, musical instruments, and other devices must be used so as not to unreasonably disturb others, especially between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

10(b). Trespassing: You and your guests shall not encroach or trespass on any resident's space or upon any area which is not open for general use by residents. All Park property which is not for the use of residents, shall not be used, tampered with, or interfered with in any way.

10(c). Bonfires and/or Open Burning: Except for barbecues or fireplaces and other appliances installed in your mobile home, no fires are permitted.

11. Guests

11(a). You agree to acquaint all guests with the conditions of tenancy of the Park, including, but not limited to, these Rules and Regulations. You are personally responsible for all actions and conduct of your guests and you are liable for any damage or injury to persons or property they may cause.

11(b). Guests will not have any rights of tenancy in the Park. We may require the guest to register with us and sign these Rules and Regulations, or other documents reasonably necessary to protect our interests and the interests of other residents. These requirements apply to any guests who stays with you more than a total of twenty (20) consecutive days or thirty (30) days in the calendar year. Except as limited by New York law, a guest staying beyond said period of time may, at our option, be charged $5.00 per day per person. These guest charges may be increased at any time by our giving you ninety (90) days’ notice and without reducing the rent or affecting other terms of your tenancy. If you wish to add as a member of your household a person so they are not considered a "guest,' you may only do so with our prior written consent. All such persons must meet our age requirement and must also sign a copy of the Rules and Regulations and other documents then applicable. If at any time in the future you and other older persons who originally signed your rental or lease agreement move from the Park for any reason and the new resident whom we approved to live with you remains in the mobile home, this shall be treated as a sale or other transfer of the mobile home or assignment of the Space to that remaining “older person” and all rent increases provided for or allowed will be immediately applicable and effective as to that remaining “older person.” The new resident(s) who remains must meet our age requirements and all tenancy requirements applicable to a new prospective homeowner.

12. Vehicles and Parking

12(a). Speed Limit and Safety: No vehicle may be driven in an unsafe manner. All traffic control signs, including stop signs, shall be obeyed. Pedestrians, electric carts and bicycles shall be granted the right of way. Vehicles operated in the Park must be properly licensed. No vehicles may be operated in the Park by any person who is not properly licensed. The Park's speed limit is 10 MPH.

12(b): Repair of Vehicles on Community Property: No major maintenance, repair or other work, such as oil or other automotive fluid changes, on any vehicle, boat or trailer (other than the mobile home you reside in) may be done on the Space without our consent. You may wash, polish or wax your passenger car in your driveway. You may not wash your cars or other vehicles in the streets.

12(c). Waiver of Liability: All vehicles must be registered and insured.  Management is not responsible for any damages to vehicles while in the Community. 

12(d). Parking: Resident parking is only permitted in your driveway, not on landscaped or other areas of the Space or on empty spaces. No street parking is permitted at any time except for loading and unloading where vehicle is attended. No vehicle may be "stored" on your space. "Storage" includes, without limitation, the parking of an inoperable vehicle for a period exceeding two weeks or the parking of a vehicle for the purpose of selling it as a part of a commercial activity. Except to load or unload, motor homes, buses, trucks, bubble top vans, campers, and other similar vehicles may not be parked on your space. Non-motorized vehicles such as a travel trailer, boat, boat trailer, and other similar vehicles may not be parked on your space. Guests and others who are in the Park at your invitation or request or with your permission may only park on your driveway or in the areas set aside for guest parking. You and other members of your household may not park in the areas set aside for guest parking for any extended period of time without our approval. Other exceptions to the restrictions of this paragraph, except street parking may be permitted on a "need" basis by requesting our permission and stating the necessity and duration of such exception. Vehicles parked in violation of these rules are subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

13. Taxes

  In parks where the resident is responsible for payment of all real property and school taxes relating to the resident’s home. The billing of real property taxes is based only on the assessed value of your home by the municipality and does not include the value of land, roads, or general areas. All real property and school tax bills assessed to and received by the resident shall be the resident’s responsibility. If the Community pays the tax bill, the resident will be responsible for reimbursement of the amount paid by the Community, which same amount shall be due and payable as additional rent upon demand. Nonpayment of this “additional rent” shall be treated in the same manner and result in the same penalties as unpaid rent. If the resident receives a STAR credit it shall be applied to their account as a credit toward the rent.

14. Insurance

We do not carry public liability or property damage insurance to compensate you, your guests, or any other person from any loss, damage, or injury except those resulting from situations where we would be legally liable for such loss, damage, or injury. You are required to obtain, at your own cost, extended coverage for your mobile home, fire, earthquake, and other casualty insurance on the mobile home, other improvements and contents to the full insurable value, personal liability and such other insurance as is necessary to protect you, your guests, or others from loss or liability.

15. Controlled Substances

15(a). The community has a strict zero tolerance policy with regard to controlled substances. Resident, family members, Tenants, guests or other person under the Resident’s control shall not engage in criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, on or near property premises.  “Drug-related criminal activity” means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, use or possession with intent to manufacture, sell distribute, or use of a controlled substance (as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substance Act (21 U.S.C. 802).   Resident, family members, Tenants, guests or other person under the Resident’s control shall not engage in any act intended to facilitate criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, on or near property premises. Resident shall not permit the mobile home to be used for or to facilitate criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, regardless of whether the individual engaging in such activity is a member of the household or a guest.  Resident, family members, Tenants and guests shall not engage in the manufacture, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs at any location, whether on or near property premises, and shall not engage in acts of violence or threats of violence, including, but not limited to, the unlawful discharge of firearms, on or near property premises.

15(b). ANY VIOLATION OF THE ABOVE PROVISIONS SHALL BE A MATERIAL VIOLATION OF THE LEASE AND GOOD CAUSE FOR TERMINATION OF TENANCY.  A single violation of any of the provisions of these rules and regulations shall be deemed a serious violation and a material noncompliance with the lease.  It is understood and agreed that a single violation shall be good cause for termination of the rental agreement and rules and regulations. Failure to comply with this provision is considered a material, non-curable breach of the lease and will result in a Notice to Quit being served upon Resident requiring that Resident, every member of Resident’s household, and all guests or other person(s) under Resident’s control shall vacate said premises on proper notice, all in accordance with New York law. New York law provides for an extraordinary remedy to regain possession when illegal activity is being carried out on or near the premises which constitutes a public or private nuisance

16. Acknowledgement

You acknowledge and agree as follows: That you and the other members of your household have had the opportunity to read these Rules and Regulations and all documents it incorporates or refers to and the opportunity to discuss these Rules and Regulations and all such documents with an attorney and any other advisor you might choose to select. You and the other members of your household agree to comply with all the terms of these Rules and Regulations and the documents it incorporates or refers to. You also agree to be responsible for the conduct of other members of your household and all guests or other persons who are in the Park with the permission or at the request of you or other members of your household.


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