Curious what steps we take to get you into your new home?

  1. You choose a lot from the many desireable lots we have available.
  2. You sit with a sales person and select a home that fits your budget and desires.
  3. We apply to the local building department for a permit.
  4. We extend utilities to your eventual slab (water, sewer, electric and cable).
  5. We construct your slab, adhering to Town specifications.
  6. Our staff rough grades your property.
  7. Your new home is delivered and installed on your slab (level, block and tie down).
  8. All utilities are connected.
  9. Inspector signs off on the utility installation.
  10. Our staff completes interior finishes.
  11. Our staff completes exterior finishes such as siding and skirting.
  12. Our staff digs and pours piers for entrance steps and decks.
  13. Building inspector signs off on piers.
  14. Our staff installs or constructs front steps, rear steps (or deck).
  15. Our staff excavates trench for post light and installs same.
  16. We build steps and patio.
  17. We excavate for driveway and walkway and install both.
  18. We plan, procure and install plant material for finished landscape.
  19. We spread topsoil, seed and straw all lawn areas.
  20. We conduct final interior cleaning in preparation for home sale.